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A LITTLE  ABOUT US -   Masters Creek  Shepherds relocated to Missouri in December of 2006 from Princeton IL to our family Appaloosa farm.  I rescued my  first Snow White Shepherd from being destroyed in 1979 and have had them raised with my family since that day over  37 years ago.  We love the White German Shepherd Shepherds for their courage, high intelligence, wonderful family disposition, loyalty and devoted love.  The Snow White with the Black features are Rare.  The Snow White Shepherd was destroyed in past history until recently due to ignorance about the genetics of the breed. Click here to Read the "White German Shepherd".   We have 5 white litters a year and 2 silver Litters. Our puppies are usually sold by a deposit reservation held for up to a year in advance. You can read feed back and see grown puppies on our View Adult dogs link on the links page. Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us awhile.  

A LITTLE ABOUT THE PUPPIES  - Until you  experience it for yourself, Words can not describe how wonderful it is to bring one of these beautiful puppies into your life, To the family he or she loves,  you could not have a better trusted companion and family friend.   As a puppy,  they are  loving beyond belief,  they give kisses,  look to you for comfort and just want to be held and loved. As an adult family member, they are  amazingly smart, 905% of our  feedback on our puppies is house training happens in 24-48 hours, most train them to ring a swinging type of door bell on the inside when its that time.  They are very sensitive to feelings,  aware when you are  happy or sad,  having a bad day or something is just not right kind of day.  It is very common to have them nudge up to you during your not so better days and  bother you  until you laugh or smile at them, they change your whole attitude. Some times you just believe they are  real people in a furry snow  white coat, sometimes you can not help but  wonder if they are not your Guardian Angel.  However sensitive they are to you, they are still a Full blooded German Shepherd and they do protect those they love.  We know from first hand when you bring a Rare Snow White German Shepherd into your life, they will change your life for the better,  Forever more..........


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 Willow will be bred to Titus in the spring. accepting deposits on that upcoming breeding 

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Willow and Titus




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