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 A.K.C White German Shepherd  and Silver past litters 

Thank you all for sharing your photos with us of these beautiful dogs!!


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From: Kimberly Gaston >
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com 
Sent: Thursday, June 7, 2012 3:03 PM
Subject: Cirrus's 4th birthday

     Sorry I am a little late getting these out to you. We celebrated Cirrus's 4th birthday last month! She continues to be a invaluable member of our family. She is the perfect combination of friend and protector and it would be hard to imagine our world without her by our side.  Once again, we are grateful for her companionship and wanted you to know what a blessing she is and continues to be in our lives. Thank you!
Kimberly Gaston
Cirrus ( Angel/ White Diamond puppy 5/2008)


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From: Tammy lewis
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2013 10:20 PM
Subject: Duke and Jasmine

Hi Jane
Thought I'd send you a photo of these two. They are the BEST of friends...
And we just love them. The vet states, "these are the nicest and most beautiful shepherds that come into our office".
We think so too... Thank you again for these wonderful dogs.
Tammy and Doug Lewis


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From: Carly Blackmon
Sent: Thursday, Jan 1st, 2013 6:44 PM
Subject: Loki - Our German Shepard

Joe & Jane,
Hello! This is Carly Blackmon, the fiancÚ of Vinny Miata, who recently purchased a silver sable male pup from you born Sept 11th of Micah & White Golde Girl. His AKC number from the paperwork you sent is DN34940410. I know my fiancÚ wrote you already to tell you he arrived safely and was lovingly placed in my arms as I shed tears of joy to see him for the first time. I wanted to not only thank you for all you do to raise such beautiful pups, but fill you in on how this little boy is adjusting to his new home!
First off, Loki is so incredibly handsome that he has become an overnight sensation on our personal Facebook pages as well as a traffic stopper! His walks usually take longer than planned as people have been rolling their car windows down/stopping us when they see him to ask questions and comment on how gorgeous he is! He even has all the staff at his veterinarian so enamored with him that they all have pictures of him on their cell phones. :)
Loki has a wonderful temperament and is so smart that he has already mastered the commands "Sit", "Give a Paw", "Give Kisses", "Lay Down", "Stay" and "Come". He is doing great with his housebreaking, for the most part ;) and has given Vinny & I so much joy since the day we got him. We have spent a significant amount of time educating ourselves on German Shepherds and take his training and behavior very seriously. Loki has been a dream to socialize and has interacted wonderfully with people of all ages and other animals. His sister Ava (my cat) has not been phased by his arrival, she was used to living with dogs where she was raised at home with my Mom, and she playfully steals his bed when he isn't looking.
You'd be happy to know that Loki is cared for to the highest degree possible. He has a basket overflowing with toys, comfortable bed/blankets and plenty of fresh food/water and treats.  My mother lives not too far away and is our permanent puppy sitter for any time that Vinny and I may need to travel without him. She is a fantastic pet owner and dog trainer who has raised many well behaved pups ever since I was a child. Loki will never have to stay in a kennel, he is and will always been welcomed to our families' homes.
I have attached some pictures of him over the past month to show you how much he is growing already. We're amazed at how quickly he has begun to grow up and have already had to purchase a much larger bed as a Christmas present to him since he has almost outgrown his first one! He definitely takes after his Daddy and will clearly be a big boy one day! Vinny and I wish you very Happy Holidays and thank you once again for the gift of this beautiful dog. He is beyond loved, and we are committed to giving him a lifetime of devoted care. We will keep you in the loop with follow up on him as he grows more! Take care!
Carly Blackmon
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From: Tam Bratts
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 11:01 AM
Subject: Our little boy at 6 mths!

He is so good with the kids, he loves playing with them. We couldn't have asked for a better companion. Thank you guys so much. Tammy and Preston Williams....
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Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2012 1:31 PM
Subject: Orlando puppy update - Lilly

Sorry it took me so long to tell you how Lilly is doing. You sent her to me Jan. 11, 2012. She is the perfect puppy. Photos taken shortly after she was spayed  March 13. Per vet's instructions, she takes a mild glucosamine tab a day and is on large breed puppy food. One photo shows her with me taken last month. She hasn't grown into her ears or feet yet. Another photo of Lilly with her constant companion, Casey(1/2 Rottweiler and Blue Tic Hound), 2 1/2 yrs, checking out my daughter's dog Chloe, a Rottweiler. About twice a month, I take Lilly and Casey over to my daughter's 10 acre homestead and the dogs have a grand time running and chasing whatever to their heart's content. Always asked where I got her and I tell them, emphasizing how pleased I am with Lilly and with the adoption process and professionalism and care you show. Thank you.
halo2009.jpg (45412 bytes)
Halo Female- 5/24/2009 

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sterling.jpg (81780 bytes)
 Gabriel and Pearls puppy 11-06
Sterling at 8 weeks top photo , Sterling  again at 5 months bottom photo-
Dear Jane and Joe here he is...such a sweetheart! what a calm personality he has...and gorgeous!

gabrielandpearlsboy.jpg (206477 bytes)

Police dog

Casey Female" Police puppy "born 11-28-06

Jane and Joe,
Sorry we haven't sent pictures sooner but we've been busy with training Casey. She is doing better than anyone expected! She has 180 legal finds in dope so far. Her training started when she was 10 weeks old and she is so smart. She is a good people dog and does very well riding in the squad with me. When I put on my uniform she knows it's time for work and she waits for me by the front door. She will have her state certification in obedience next week. Other officers are very impressed with her and can't wait till she's on the road which might be as soon as the end of May. Will keep you posted and send more pictures soon.
Dave C


rfrom: Jackie Y and family,
Hello Friends
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you again THANK YOU SOOOO much for the wonderful gift we have in Halo!  We love her so very much!  She is perfect.  I told David this morning, we have never had such a wonderful puppy or dog ever in our lives.  She is a ray of sunshine everyday.  I hate to admit it, but she is a momma's girl.  Halo and I spend everyday together, and I take her everywhere.  Even on
school field trips and to track meets!!  She has learned to ring a cow bell that we hung by the door, when she needs to go
out and to come back in!  It is great!  She will graduate puppy class tomorrow with flying colors.  She is growing so fast and both her ears stand up beautifully now.  She is so gorgeous!    I can't wait to have her wake me up every morning to go outside, she starts my day off in such a good way, puppy kisses what could be better! We hope you are all doing well.
We just can't thank you enough!
Take care
PS , she is all ears!!!! what a pretty girl!!!
   Courtesy of Jackie  and Family
 Thanks much!
Jackie & family




Decker Now

DeckerHalloween.jpg (76437 bytes)Decker is now living in Canada.. Carmen and family  had lost their beloved German Shepherd Tucker and wanted a family pet not to replace tucker but to once again share the love they have for the German Shepherd breed,  They are very special people who have a very special puppy they named Decker...  What a smart and very well behaved handsome boy he has turned out to be.

The pets we love and miss will be in our hearts and memory forever, they are our families, we miss them and remember them often and I Thank God that he has  made our human hearts large enough to love again and again,  we have been there and know that loss and Joy. 

 Thank you Carmen and hank for sharing your love for the German Shepherd with us...  God bless you and all 

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From: Carmen P
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 11:55 PM

     Hi Jane and Joe,

Decker is doing very well.  He is sleeping about 8 hours every night and has been very easy to train.  We as a family take long walks at night and one of us usually takes him for a walk in the morning.  He travels very well.  Once the truck starts moving he falls asleep.  This weeks lesson has been on heeling and he is picking that up quickly.
Since we got him I have trained him to stay on a mat.  My Mom has rugs in her home and covers a large area with mats but I didn't want Decker to have an accident on those areas that weren't covered, so he knows what stay on his mat means.  We went to a friends place on Friday night to see their new home.  I took a large mat of Deckers with us with toys, water and food. When I put it down in the room where we were visiting and told him to stay
on his mat, he did so unless he needed to go potty and he would come and get
one of us. I have enclosed a few pictures of Decker to show how much he has grown.  The
first one is from this week and the other two are from last week.  We hope all is well with you.
Carmen, Hank and Decker  

Update -

----- Original Message -----
From: Carmen P
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2009 11:55 PM

Hi Jane and Joe,

You were right, Decker is exactly what our family needed.  Thank you,

Carmen, Hank and Decker  

riddick04.jpg (85840 bytes)riddick204.jpg (106971 bytes)

Riddick - updated photos on 4 -2007 He looks like his daddy!!

Male out of April  04 litter at 13 months, HE IS A BIG BOY, 93 pounds at one year!

Kota -male out of Angel and Gabriel  photos added 12-06
From April - Kotas new owners.


Bella is 7 months old in this photo she was born April  2007 White Diamond and Gabriel's litter.



Cirrus had her 1st birthday. 5-25-2009

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sweetdreams.jpg (160892 bytes)Feedback 2009 Courtesy of Laura and the boys... !!!: Feedback

Sent Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:58 PM

Jane, .did you get my email with pictures attached??

She is doing wonderful!  We absolutely Love Her!!!

Laura and the boys.....

Blizzard & Guinness on the Farm.jpg (192981 bytes)              blizzard.jpg (74964 bytes)
Pearl and Gabriel's Black and Silver Guinness with                           BLIZZARD 6 months old 12/17/2006     
Angel and Gabriel's  Blizzard  

From: Ann Day

To: our associates friends and family

Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 9:37 AM

Subject: Christmas Puppies are Here!

A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!  Make someone's Christmas unforgettable!

 If you are interested in a beautiful black & silver German Shepherd puppy for 
Christmas, please go to this website:

Most of you know that we have two beautiful dogs from the Miceli's at Masters Creek,
 (one white, and one black & silver). Our black & silver, Guinness, has the sweetest disposition.
 He was from Gabriel & Pearls' first litter, and a photo of him and a litter-mate is on their website. 

I know that some of you love German Shepherds, and now have one, or have had them 
in the past. The Miceli's are the best, most reputable German shepherd breeders.
 They also breed great horses.

They will handle ALL the details, even shipping!

If you are in or near Illinois, and want to see first-hand the quality of 
Master's Creek's dogs, just drop me a line or call me to see ours.


GIGI Female out of April  05 litter

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gabrielsfirstpuppy.jpg (51497 bytes)  
Male out of April  04 litter at 4.5 months

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DAISY.jpg (23835 bytes)
Daisy Female of Sept, 2004
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gabrielsdaugherandprincessbearson.jpg (114833 bytes)
Two of our Black and Silvers

 Gabriel and Pearls daughter - 2007 (left) Princess Ivory and Bears Male - 2008 (right)

femaleshepherd.jpg (74043 bytes)
Female Sept.  04

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moonshadownew.jpg (109660 bytes)moonshadownew2.jpg (35152 bytes)
Moon Shadow  Born Feb- 2004