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We have decided to list the Champion awards of our dogs and puppies so you can view them. We do agree that showing is a big part of animal history and important to many people and we support it. Many of our puppies have competed and won numerous events however some times the greatest  dogs in the world never have that chance. To you wonderful family working dogs. These awards belong to you.

Alot of clubs give out awards to great performing dogs. We have a few awards of ours we want to share with most people who have children, animals, jobs, bills, college, healthcare and other related  life based issues that prevent you from showing your pets and if you do show and have the best dog and still do not win because of politics or judges then These awards are also for you! 

If your dog or puppy has won an award for his life service to your lives or that of others we would love to post it.

This award goes to Micelis Gabriel II for over all best Champion dog in the Real Life Family event.

  • Best friend Award. This award is to you Gabriel for being a loyal best friend in every situation. You understand when we are at our worst or when bad days happen, when we are  happy , sad or just frustrated. You continue to comfort us in all of our situations and for that you win best friend Award.  Also for the times you walk with us regardless of the time or the reason , your always willing to ride along and  watching over us like the Angel you are,  Wherever we are you seem to always be also. When we are in the pasture a mile from the house and I call your name, you stand up waiting to do what is asked. These things were never taught  to you, you just have that special gift to know when ever we need you, you are there. For the times we have moved horses from place to place and you always walk behind ready to help put that one lost foal back in place. For the many times a stranger drove up and your happy disposition always put a smile upon a new face. We thank you Gabriel for your years of loving friendship for this my friend you win the blue ribbon best friend award.


  • Life saver award. This award is to you Gabriel for saving my life from the horses running towards me, when you  jumped in and began to herd them away from me with out even asking or being trained for such a job. This award is for the times your grown puppies jumped in a fire and saved a life because of it. This award is for the times you continued to bark for no reason at a skunk, a snake a car and other unforeseen things that may of endangered our lives. For all the times you smelled danger and let us know before hand. For the puppies that are serving in the police department and helping children with DARE and drug related awareness activities. This award is to you for your service in making our lives much safer and that of the other cats and other pets that we happen to rescue until a new home is found for them. You don't mind being the last to get a treat or a drink and you never get over excited for first place with affection although you are first place in our hearts This Gabriel Life saver award is for you!!. 
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  • Host Award. This award is for you Gabriel for being the host of our home for many years. You have greeted lovingly  more people into our home then we could even imagine. You want to meet and great everyone with a happy kiss and a lot of love. You have made children smile, new parents of your puppies feel warm and at home. You are a wonderful host in the day hours and a great protector when we are asleep. We thank you for your years of loving service to our new and old friends that have passed our way. You have brought kittens to our door step and carried animals out of danger. Your a wonderful host and a great friend. You Gabriel get the blue ribbon Host Award!!.
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