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  at Lake of the Ozarks ,Mo 

 Snow white German shepherd Puppies are here!!!

Puppies have arrived  UPDATED 11-18-2021


black and silver german shepherd femaleblack and silver german shepherd

Update 11/19/21-   We have new AKC German shepherd pups available !! call 573-434-2128 fore
more info or visit the puppy house for photos parents pedigree and more.



We have Black & Silver coming soon,  Snow White  Puppy's available   

  akc snow white german shepherds for saleblack and silver female german shepherd

WE HAVE PUPS ! Meet our males . Micah Standing Stud  and Gabriel! upcoming stud Gabriel's grandson


Black and silver german shepherd Micah 2015  Gabriel 2015 white German Shepherd Male

We welcome you to our home! 

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Information On Color, Gait and Heritage of our horses
What is The Indian Shuffle Gait?, What are the true characteristics of an Appaloosa? 

    The Trot or the Indian Shuffle?  The diagonal two beat gait,     
       can you  tell the difference between the trot and the Indian 
       Shuffle?  A smooth  ride...  great article that helps explain the 

    Types of Gaits - Lateral and Diagonal, how does it feel to ride

   Characteristics of the  Fox Trot Gait  - Diagonal

   Characteristics of the  TWH Gaits  - Running Walk

     The Rocky Mountain Appaloosa coming soon

    Information on the Indian Shuffle and the  Palousy

   Information about the characteristics - colors, coat patterns
       of the Appaloosa and what old time breeders like Sam
       Fisher have to say.

   Nez Pierce & native American books, including wardrobe
       of the different Indian Tribes.


About the content of these sites and links - These are  not affiliate sites  of Masters Creek, we are not responsible for any content they are simply links to other equine sites we felt are very well done with much to offer regarding the appaloosa we so love.........

Our Beautiful Dogs   -  

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Beautiful A.K.C White German Shepherd puppies

Meet Our beautiful parents and puppies in our puppy house, they are spoiled and loved. Gabriel just turned 15 years old. Happy Birthday Gabriel our sweet boy.. He does not know he is 15, he acts like he is 3 still.,

  Rare Snow White German Shepherd Puppies are here..!!


Please Email us for pricing or any additional information

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Special Note - msn email is not as reliable but we have had it so long so if you have used it and had no reply, we apologize , please call or try the other email. Thanks Joe and Jane


or Call us at 573-434-2128

Masters Creek is Located 

at Lake of The Ozarks Mo

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Rare Snow White German Shepherds and Black and Silver


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