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Our goal is to produce a Beautiful life long companion with a temperament to match its beauty. A family member you can actually relate to as one of your own. intelligent, loyal, loving of children, other pets and adults,  a blessing to all. About us how we started some 35 years ago with these wonderful German Shepherds we have  today.

We are not a kennel breeding facility. Our dogs are socialized from birth until they leave, we keep them inside as puppies and outside to run when they are older. They are socialized and lovingly handled daily. Our breeding dogs each have a dog home and a large run area.   Our puppies are pampered  and loved from day one until they find a forever loving home with their new adoptive parents.   Email us at  masterscreekappaloosa@msn.com or masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com

FYI - Did you know  a Solid Snow White German shepherd was the grand sire of Horand von Grafrath, born in 1895 the dog who is acknowledged as the foundation dog of the contemporary German Shepherd lines known today?  Read The German Shepherd  Click for HISTORY and INFORMATION


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  • CLICK  here to VIEW -  UPDATE 04/0518 PUPS  Rare Snow White AKC German Shepherd Puppies For Sale - PUPS HAVE ARRIVED   -WE HAVE RARE SNOW WHITE PUPPIES AVAILABLE!
  • CLICK here to VIEW   UPDATE 4-05- 2018 -  RARE BLACK AND SILVER GERMAN SHEPHERDS Possible in 4 weeks, And Solid Black Puppies for Sale.


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Rare Black and Black and Silver German Shepherds for sale <---click  here to  view our Black and Black & Silver puppies for sale - all puppies are pure bred AKC registered. Photos shown are of past puppies sold


Email us at  masterscreekappaloosa@msn.com or  Call 573-345-4032



it started with our Angel-

weight (98 Pounds)2006angelsnew07.jpg (200592 bytes)

    And with our Gabriel-
   newgabriel.jpg (400901 bytes)

       Sire of puppies -weight (130 pounds) 

 Oh, how they have grown!
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS -  of past litters of Angel and Gabriel

Pearl - Gabriel puppies from 2006

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puppiesopearlgabriel0107.jpg (72943 bytes)

Gabriel and Pearls puppies

  click for photos of the new puppies they are big puppies and will be very large dogs 


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