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 A.K.C White German Shepherd  and Silver past litters 

Thank you all for sharing your photos with us of these beautiful dogs and puppies!!

Silver Belle born 11-20-2007 5 months old
What a very pretty girl!!!

Hi Jane & Joe,

Here is a pic of Silver Belle sitting in HER Chair.  She is so funny, she
likes to be up on things (logs, retaining wall, boulders).  She sits in
this chair all the time, we caught her falling asleep in it the other day,
while she was sitting up! LOL  She also loves the water.  She dives into
their 5 gallon water bucket, head first, gets all wet, then runs around
like crazy and does it again and again, it is hilarious! I think I need to
get her a baby pool.

Your website looks great!

Take care!

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Hi. Joe and Jane. I hope you're well. I wanted to show you some pictures of Blitzen.  He is 38 pounds and the star pupil in his puppy training class.  We love him and he is doing great!  Thanks!

Karen M. Dz CPA

He will grow into his ears Karen! He is a beautiful boy~

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Courtesy of Steve and Stephanie -  WOW !what a handsome Boy!!!

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Jane, I will get more photos for you, having trouble sending to you from Stephanie’s computer.

Sampson is doing well, we love him very much thank you , he is everything and more than we could of hoped for.  

Steve & Stephanie

This is from a phone and email conversation we had with Steve recently about his puppy born June 6th 09.