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From: cherylgoddard0
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 1:41 PM
Subject: Liberty (Lybee)

Hi Folks, Hope all is going well for you. Thought I would send you an update of our girl, Lybee. She weighs 76 # and such a good girl. Smart as a whip. I could tell you some hilarious stories of her antics and cleverness. Still working on training; does many things well, but still resistant to heel with distractions. That is my fault. We are doing better with maturity. She positively follows me with her gorgeous eyes everywhere! Working toward a goal of leash free park for dogs; I’m not quite comfortable yet with off leash. Springfield has beautiful accommodations for small and large off leash pets.
Must run for now. See attachment. regards and god bless, Cheryl Goddard

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From: Chris Snyder
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 6:49 PM
Subject: Kimber

Hi Jane. Kimber just turned 1 year old and is 97 pounds now , (see picture below) I am trying to register her on the pedigree database and can’t find Micel’s White Golde Girl on it so I can enter Kimber? Is she on the site? Thanks and I hope all is well!


Chris Snyder

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From: MastersCreek Appaloosa <masterscreekappaloosa@msn.com>
Subject: Re: Kimber
To: Chris Snyder <chrisrsnyer@gmsnyder.com>

She is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing Chris. Merry Christmas!!

Chris Snyder <chrisrsnyder@gmsnyder.com> wrote:

Kimber at 8 months, 82.6 pounds:)

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From: Karenleimkuehler
Date:04/01/2014 1:41 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: ourshepherds@masterscreek.com
Subject: I think you called him Duke

Here is a picture of Duke who was renamed Leimkuehler's K9 King Micah for his dad. We call him Micah. He is such a good looking dog and very smart! Already knows how to open the door and come right on in. We have to lock him out whe we are not around as he doesn't shut the door! :) He rings the bell to go outside! Very happy with him. I'll send a picture of our three dogs together next.
Roger and Karen
from HalfWay.

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From: M McMahon
To: Jane
Sent: Monday, January 13, 2014 8:02 PM
Subject: Fw: Cody

This is from Matthew McMahon. Here is the picture of Cody. He is doing great we just love him.

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From: Sue
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 8:17 PM
Subject: Grace all tuckered out!!

This was supposed to be a barrier to keep her from going behind the lazy boy. Didn't work so well!! She's feisty, sassy, smart, beautiful and awesome. Oh, and VERY good for the vet. Shot, no worms, and nails done!!!! Thanks!!!
We love her!! And Finnegan and her get along great!!!!
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From: Richard Weissman
Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 10:39 AM
Subject: White Shepherd

Hi Joe and Jane,

It's been 10 years since I last bought Riddick from you in Princeton, IL. Riddick has been a great addition to our family. We are now considering getting another white shepherd around mid to late 2014. Can you please tell me how much for a white shepherd pup? In addition, when you expect litters for 2014.

From: Patty
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com 
Sent: Tuesday,March 27, 2012 11:43 PM
Subject: (no subject)

Our visit went very well today.  Of course everybody loved the babies.  My appointment was this evening so no one was there which was perfect so just a few people that work there and the doctor himself were handling the pups.  John (my vet) said they were beautiful and they checked out great.  They are 16.5 pounds.  They got their distemper (John told me this was the duramune max 5 shot) and I brought the corona virus vaccine (transported in an ice cup) and I'm praying that they don't get sick from it.  I told him how you instructed me to give them the panacur for the week and he thought that was great.. he said they looked fantastic and they smell great because they got a bath yesterday so needless to say everyone fell in love. 
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From: Tam Bratts
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 9:58 AM
Subject: Blk and slvr puppy

ABE and HIHO Puppy
Jane it's Tammy Williams I just wanted to say how pleased we are with our little boy, we have named him Ryker I picked that name out some time ago and it just fits him. He went for his vet check yesterday and all is well so far; today he goes for his obedience assessment so we can start his classes; I just wanted to tell you I have never in my life come across a puppy with such a laid back personality, he is perfect, he is just so different from our other dogs and we can tell that he is definitely special. I will send pictures in a few weeks; he's going to be a beautiful boy. Ps thanks so much we are so happy with our little boy!! Sincerely Tammy and Preston

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DONALD TORCHIA <d.torchit>
To: Masters Creek Appaloosa <masterscreekappaloosa@msn.com>
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 10:38 PM
Subject: Re: puppy photos

Joe & Jane,
Here are some pictures of our new favorite girl (Ruby). Thanks again.
Best Regards,
Don Torchia

feb 24th.. Don also called personally and gave me an update he and  his girls have just been captivated by this female they brought into their lives, he is very pleased with his new family member..

Ruby flew to California..

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Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2012 10:26 AM
Subject: Noah

Hi Jane and Joe,

Noah is doing great and we love him very much! He is so smart and such a sweet puppy. Both ears are up now! I will send more pics to keep you up on his progress. We just love him and can not thank you enough..

Thank you!

Kristin Mouton

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From: Tealitha Nichols
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2012 9:15 AM
Subject: Klaus white male shepherd

Hello Joe and Jane. We wanted you to know that Klaus is doing great. We named him on the way home the day we picked him up from you. He did get car sick about an hour after we left but then was ok, the road was windy and even I almost got sick. He is adjusting well. He is playing and is letting us know when he has to potty. Klaus has had a few accidents but nothing major. Klaus is however scared of the cat. The cats were very mad at us in the beginning but are now coming out and taking back their space. I think in a week or two the male cat and Klaus can and will be friends, the cat is starting to go up to Klaus and Klaus just stands there but the cat does chase Klaus and Klaus hides under the bed or in his house or kennel. He is such a good boy and is fitting in very well. We want to thank you very much for he fits in GREAT with our family.


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Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 5:18 PM
Subject: RE: Puppy flight times

Hi Jane
We have SO enjoyed our Jasmine (white shepherd).
She is a sweet wonderful dog!!
We are moving to a larger home in a few months and would love to purchase another puppy.
Do you have any of the Black and Silver males left?

Jasmine flew to Arizona.

 John Fritze
To: Masters Creek Appaloosa <masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com> 
Saturday, March 3, 2012 9:45 AM
Subject: from John and Kristina

here is Isabella or Bella for short we love her Jane and Joe Thanks!!!! 

Isabella flew to San Jose California...
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From: Brian Crownover
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 9:43 AM
Subject: Re: Updated information about your Puppy

Zeek is doing great !!!  , Thanks again.


zeek flew to Texas..
From: vprovenzano
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 5:54 PM
Subject: Kona's first Vet visit here in New Orleans

Dear Ms Jane,
Hello! It's Valeri and Kyle here in New Orleans. We just wanted to let you know how our new girl is doing. She arrived here Friday night about 1215 am. She didnt have any accidents in her crate (wow!), and she was pretty tired from the flight so we didnt really have any problems getting her to sleep. She had no problems eating or anything saturday, and only a few minor bathroom accidents as well as some minimal anxiety. Since saturday she has begun telling us when she needs to go out by whimpering or going downstairs (she learned the stairs her second day) and standing by the back door. We haven't had one accident since then! She sleeps most of the night (besides trips outdoors to potty), but she gets pretty hyper around 630 every morning. We are quickly becoming early birds, and are also trying to adhere to a strict schedule for her, which is working very well. She definitly knows who mom and dad are, too. If one of us is doing the opposite of the other, she will wait for both of us to move in the same direction before she follows.
She went to the Vet yesterday (Monday) and everything about her is perfect. She is extremely comfortable being handled, and wasnt afraid at all. (We have been working hard on socializing her with lots of different people and healthy family pets) She weighs 13 pounds and gets her 3rd set of vaccinations on December 5th. Her ears, paws, teeth, and lymph nodes are great. Everyone of course thinks she is beautiful, and its funny because shes so little no one can tell shes a German Shepherd yet. The Vet gave her her first monthly heartworm pill, which we disguised in some peanut butter and she took today.
Just wanted to email you and tell you how much we love and appreciate her. I cannot wait until she is properly trained and a little bit older, to be my companion and jogging buddy. She is beautiful, absolutely loves all her toys, loves playing, and seems very inquisitive and happy. She makes us laugh with her clumsy and awkward- like movements. Thank you so much for sending her to us. im so jealous because Id really have loved to meet her parents!
We will send some pictures as soon as we can!
Love, Valeri and Kyle
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Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 7:03 AM
Subject: our new puppy !

Hi Jane and Joe
She is growing leaps and bounds; getting along with her 'siblings' fairly well. Learning her place in the hierarchy!
She thinks Zoe is her mother--which Zoe does not always appreciate! Sleeping almost all nite. She has learned to sit
And take her treat GENTLY! Loves the outdoors and has found her woofalator! I am re-learning contortionist moves I
Haven't done for years. The vet loves her---16#s last visit and probably #18-19# by now. She lets me trim her nails and
Brush her teeth. Amazing for her. She goes into her 'house' and now pulls the door shut behind her. Other than nite time
The only time she goes into her crate is security (doesn't know situation) or 'time-out' for madness episodes!
We love her to pieces!
Best regards and GOD bless you. Cheryl

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From: Candace
Sent: Sunday, june 24, 2011 4:48 PM
Subject: Re: our puppy
Hi Jane,
We are doing great. Kinley is doing very well. He is taking nap now so got some time on hand. His vet appointment went well and scheduled for next shots this coming saturday. He enjoys alot of the toys we got him and follows us everywhere indoors and outdoors surely knows who his people are. After 4th set shots he will begin to attend puppy obedience classes for 12 weeks. We absolutely love him cannot speak so much for our cat yet but she is starting to warmup to him. We will keep you updated with photos through weeks/months let you know how he is progressing. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful boy.
Candace and Greg.

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From: Sharon Wess
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 9:59 AM

Hi Jane and Joe,

We wanted to update you on Micah now that he’s been with us just a little over a week.  He’s such a sweet and lovable boy and he’s happy and playing with his new big sister Zoe all the time.  Well, all the time he isn’t sleeping on our feet!  He’s always close, we can’t leave a room without the patter of little (or rather big!) puppy feet behind us.  He’s been to the vet, she thinks he’s absolutely beautiful.  He checks out at a very healthy 29 lbs (last Wednesday).  He’s very respectful of the cats, just looks and doesn’t chase.  They love him already!!  Next week we’ll begin the basic commands but he’s working hard on potty training now and walking short distances on the leash with Zoe.  We’re definitely having a bad case of puppy love right now!  Thank you so much for our beautiful boy.  I’ve attached some pictures so you can see how he’s doing.  Sorry about the incorrect dates on the pictures, I don’t know how to get them off the camera!!

Hope all is well where you are, we’ve been hearing some pretty awful weather reports out of Missouri and prayed for all of you this weekend.


In Christ's Peace,

 Sharon M. Wess                                        

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From: Melanie
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2011 4:29 PM
Subject: White Shepherd puppy photo


I just wanted to send along two recent photos of a puppy (Quinn) that I purchased from you last year.We thought you might enjoy seeing how he is growing up - so here he is, enjoying a snow day! 
Thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family, he's everything we were looking for in a shepherd! Especially coming to California.  Thanks again.


Melanie P. Matheu, PhD

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From: steve of Denver Colorado drove to meet Gabriel and Joe and I,to also pick up Mojo, he has some wonderful children i had the pleasure to meet who are in love with this boy!!!
Sent: Wednesday, April 25 , 2011
Subject: Re: Puppy Update for Mojo
Hi Jane and Joe,
Thanks again for providing such a great puppy,we appreciated the detail you go to, to insure a healthy happy puppy - Mojo is truly amazing!
We had a great trip back to Colorado - he was perfect in the car.  He is house trained and such a smart boy!  17lbs at the Vet yesterday, but he hadn't eaten.... the Vet liked him so much she was taking pictures!
Attached is a picture of Mojo and 7 year old Elisabeth (my step daughter) - I think she is Mojo's favorite so far!
I will send more pictures and updates - thanks again for everything!

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From: We had the pleasure to meet Ted and his wife from Chicago to pick up their boy Rocco!
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 11:17 PM
Subject: RE: new photos from Chicago

Hi Jane 

Thought you would like to see  some pics of our boy Rocco now about 7 months old.  He is big, beautiful, sweet and smart.  The whole neighborhood knows him and not a day goes by without someone commenting about how beautiful and fun he is.   

I am referring someone to you that is interested in getting a pup.  His name is  Charles. 

Take Care



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Sent: Tuesday, May 03rd, 2011 11:17 PM
Subject: RE: Puppy

We were blessed to meet Sharon and her husband from the Capitol of Missouri , they were very picky about the puppy they wanted and they are truly wonderful people! I even got a hug. Her eyes would not stop staring at the puppy and the dad and mom~ she was in love! She has called since and they are very happy with their new family member


HI Jane, We are naming her Gabby after her grandfather.

 thank you for everything it was a pleasure to meet you and her parents, they are beautiful! We are so happy with her we can not express it enough how much we love her. She slept on the couch last night and she slept on the rug beside me.  Got her a couplne of dog beds but she bounced back and forth from them to the rug.

 She is an awesome dog!!!.




05/13/2011   Feed back on recent puppies arriving home...Swagger went to North Pole Alaska....

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From: Kara B
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2011 2:55 PM
Subject: SWAGGER

     Hi Jane ,Here are a few pictures of Swagger J he is a dream come true. we love him very much and he is a great addition to our family. Thank you very much.

Another Arives safely HOME!!     Ava lives in Kansas...----- Original Message -----
From:  Lori S
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2011 8:05 AM
Subject: Ava's ride home!


Hi Joe and Jane, Wanted to share  Ava’s ride home…

She is a very sweet girl and last night she only whined for about 15 min at bedtime and then was quite as a mouse for the rest of the night. Thank you very much for our new baby girl, she is everything we wanted and more.. You will get more pictures as she grows and don’t be surprised if in a year or two I decide on that black and silver puppy.  :-)


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From: Ryan and Seth live in Texas
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: Your puppy is coming home!!

Joe and Jane,

We wanted to let you know that we received our puppy. She so beautiful we have named her Bella. Our 5 year old has taken a parenting role with ease. She's a wonderful addition to the family,thank you for everything , we are very happy to have found you.

Thank you again for everything,
Ryan and Seth - Texas

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From: Kimberly Crossman from Illinois
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2011 9:54 PM
Subject: Re: Angel
Just to let you know Princess Kyra (Angel) is doing great!!  She is so perfect and everyone is maklng a big deal over her and how beautiful she is. We love her!.  I just have one last question: about food
we are having a hard time finding the dog food you recommended Wellness or the Purina Excellence.  How is Blue Buffalo or Royal Canine?  Which one would you recommend.

Thanks again for everything!!! KIM


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From: Andy Mockridge
To: Jane 
Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2010 8:42 PM
Subject: Ivory Sasha
Dear Jane and Joe,
It is hard to believe that our little girl has grown so much in just 4
short weeks. She has gone from a little white wobbly puff ball to an
active pup who is now looking like a German Shepherd. Shas is a real
sweetheart, so very clever, and a bit of a goofball all in one.  She is
11 weeks old today and getting the idea of ringing the bell when she
wants to go out to potty (I think she would've had that down sooner but
it took me a while to find a suitable bell). It is a joy to watch her
play and interact with the cats, and she does great with our
grandchildren. I am looking forward to puppy classes in about a month,
but she already knows '"sit," "down," "come," and is learning "leave
it."  She is a great addition to our family and I thank you for making
our dream come true with this sweet baby.


Andy Mockridge
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From: Melanie
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2010 1:02 PM
Subject: Thank you for the wonderful shepherd
Dear Joe and Jane
I was very unsure about purchasing a dog sight-unseen but your wonderful photos and testimonials on your site convinced me and now I am writing my own tribute to your wonderful shepherds. 
I grew up with black and tans and I can honestly say that my white shepherd, Quinn, exhibits all of the loyalty, trainability and willingness I loved in my dogs before he was even 3 months old. He is as smart as a dog can be, even remembering which street my car was parked on when we went to the beach - obstinately pulling towards one street when I, (the "smart" human owner) thought I had parked it down another.
 I am continually complemented by everyone who meets him on his calm temperament and approachability. Not only does my vet and the entire office love him, but the vets I work with also say openly that he exhibits every personality trait you would want in a dog.  He even made quick friends with our cat and they play/sleep together whenever possible. 

Thank you very much for your time, energy and service of breeding incredible dogs and sending them to people like myself. 

Quinn is enjoying the California lifestyle of runs on the beach in the morning, hiking and parks. He is perfectly mannered off the leash and heels naturally so hiking (after we got the final set of shots) has been nothing less than a pleasure. Because of his extraordinary temperament (and my passion for the outdoors/wilderness training) we are going to join a local search and rescue training group as soon as he is old enough. I think he will enjoy being a part-time service dog! 

I can not thank you enough. Attached are some recent photos. One ear is up.. the other one on it's way! 

Best always, 
Melanie Melanie P. Mathe, PhD
  Princess  AKA "Lily"
From Jim garner    
DATE : Mon, Aug 16, 2010 8:16 am
TO : ourshepherds@masterscreek.com
From Subject (Thread Messages) Date Size
Hi Joe and Jane,  Lily is just about 3 months old. She has filled my life with joy and unconditional love. She is great with kids and senior citizens. She has learned sit, shake and her favorite game is to fetch.  She walks on a leash very well and loves our evening walks before bedtime.  She is in a chewing stage and loves shoes ( typical girl)..... We went to the Vet today for a puppy shot and she is now 24 pounds. Thank you so much,

Jim and family


FRIDAY JULY 9th 2010-  Josh wanted a male white shepherd for his son... He arrived at his new home today in Louisiana, .....THANK YOU GUYS!!!!  What A great photo!! Ride home from the airport..
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From: Josh Viator
Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 5:50 PM
Subject: He's here!!!!  His smile says 1000 words.....

still growing into her ears!!!
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From: Brad Trickel
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 9:33 PM
Subject: Ivory Photos

Some photos of Ivory.. These are not the most current but as she now weighs near 60 lbs.  Very smart, and is already taking on her protective role over the family.  Nothing goes on in or around the house that she does not pick up on.  Even when I try to sneak up on her or hide from her, she finds me.  We get so many comments on how pretty she is.  Still alot of pup in her, but she is turning the corner on learning she is not the alpha member in the family.  Still tests us, but when you tell her the second time she gives you o you really mean it look. 
Will send more recent photos when we do an update.  O yes she thinks my sons bed should be hers.  Do not let her sleep in it but she is very good at getting him up in the morning.  

Thanks again!

His beautiful female was Shipped to California

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010
To: Ourshepherds@masterscreek.com
 From: US Sent: Thu 1/21/10 5:52 PM
Subject: Our Puppy
 From: Robert  G

 Just wanted to drop a line to you to thank you for the beautiful
 puppy i received from my partner for Christmas. She is adorable and
 we really love her. Here's a couple of pics of Sadie. first two pics
 were first week we had her, third pic was Tuesday 1/19/10
Thanks again
Robert G
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010
From: bart pax
Subject: Our new puppy
To: masterscreekappaloosa@msn.com

Hi Joe and Jane, Sorry that it's taken me so long to get back to you!
I can't thank you enough for sending us our wonderful puppy!  We love him so much!  He's so cute and bright and is growing like a weed!  We weighed him when you first sent him to us and he was 12 pounds.  Now he must weigh close to 30 pounds!  Amazing!  He's housebroken and knows how to use the doggy doors to go outside.  He can also go up and down the stairs to the second floor.  He's so sweet and affectionate.  It won't be long before I won't be able to hold him in my lap anymore!
We've had nothing but snow this past week.  It's snowing right now!  The puppy loves the snow!  He loves going into the back yard to chase the ravens! 
We've decided to name him Sheriff since he's always looking for trouble! lol! 
I just love Sheriff to pieces!  He brings a lot of joy into our lives.  Thanks again for sending him to us.
He Flew to New Mexico  , he arrived healthy and happy..
Love & Light ~ Cathy

Sunday, May 24, 2009 

From: Jackie Yoc
To: Jane and Joe Micelli <masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com>
Sent: 12:04:31 PM
Subject: Halo Girl - Black and Silver 
halo2.jpg (57991 bytes)  

Hello friends
What a beautiful weekend!!! The weather is perfect! What a way to kick off summer!
As always thank you so very much for our baby girl, Halo!  She is such a joy in our lives!  We have been blessed, wonderful family and now a true family best friend! We love her more than words! Thank you!!!. 

Your friends!!!!
Jackie, David, Dalton, Jadynn & Halo




May 25th 2009 - Cirrus - Female Snow White 

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From: Kimberly Ga
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 9:22 PM
Subject: Cirrus's update and birthday party

cirrusbirthday5.jpg (69693 bytes)
Jane and Joe,

   Cirrus celebrated her one year birthday today. She is awfully sweet and weighs in around 75lbs, with a lot of room to fill out. She keeps our older dog active, and is they most wonder companion for our children. She fits in well, as you can see in our pictures. She adores to play catch and "tag" with the kids. She is everything you said!
   We just wanted to thank you again for this blessing. She is truly a perfect match for our family :)THANK YOU!
Kim, Todd, Bobby, Jon, Laurel and Grant Gastn 



What a beautiful Girl she is growing to be!!!!! six months old in photo

Jan, 5th  2009 

--- On Tue, 1/6/09, Fred Barton wrote:
From: Fred Barton <t>
Subject: Bella
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009, 5:09 PM

Dear Joe and Jane,

I hope you and yours had a joyous Christmas and are looking forward to 2009. I
wanted to send you a picture of Bella and thank you for finding us the perfect
puppy. She is a great little dog (soon to be a great big dog) and we are enjoying her
so much. 

I'm going to try to attach a picture of her, but if it fails to come thru,
let me know and I'll try again.

Best wishes for the coming year,

Fred & Jill BArtn


--- On Sat, 10/18/08,

What a big girl she will be!!! 
024.JPG (35676 bytes)  032.JPG (35326 bytes)

8 weeks                                  20weeks

From: Kimberly Ga
Subject: Puppy update
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008, 5:22 PM

Hi Jane,
    Cirrus is doing great! She has won the hearts of everyone she meets. She is 20 weeks as of today, and we couldn't imagine  life without her. Our older dog has gone through a transformation from a lazy and insecure to confident and blissfully happy! Cirrus and Cheyenne play for hours a day and love eachother's company. She was housebroken quickly and is so smart! Cirrus has been such a blessing! I am sending you pictures to show you how much she has grown. The first two are before and after pics. The others are her playing with Cheyenne and playing catch with our eldest, Bobby.  I will email you more pictures in a couple months.
    I do have a quick question... How big is Angel and Diamond? She is growing fast, and we are just curious. Thank you again for everything!
Kim Ga

August 25th 2008

From: jefnmist
Subject: re: black and silver puppy
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, August 25, 2008, 1:04 PM

Joe and Jane, 

He is doing great! , We Named him Dominic ( Dom for short ). already a companion at heart, and definitely going to be  big boy! Had him at the vet Fri. and weighed 16 lbs. potty training has been amazingly easy, and he plays with all the animals, cats included. he absolutely loves going for rides in the old trucks around the farm. will send you some pictures as he grows!

thanks for everything,

Jeff & Misty

- Mon, 8/11/08

From: Staci James
Subject: Re: Puppies are beautiful
Date: Monday, August 11, 2008, 4:06 PM

Joe and Jane,

So sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!!!!  Baron made it safely and the three of us have been settling in great.  However, it was quite a hectic week not only with his arrival, but also my parents being in town I let a few things go by that should have been taken care of, specifically contacting you.  He is so beautiful, and his personality is more than we could have hoped for.   We have been so amazed at how he is already pretty much house trained, I know we have you to thank for that!!  He is so smart, and in the last few days has really settled in, started to come out of his shell and has so much fun on our walks and playing.  We have also been walking him down to the stream, and he loves to play in the water with Dan!  We went to the vet Thurs afternoon and he is strong and healthy as we knew he would be.  I have some pictures and will send them as soon as I get organized, we will also keep you posted on his progress.  Thank you so much for your care and attention with him, it really shows in his sweet, cuddly nature.  Again, I apologize so much for not getting back to you faster, I can imagine it is nerve-racking until you hear they are safe and sound!


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From: covelchctw To: masterscreekappaloosa@msn.com
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: Our new male white puppy
Hello Joe & Jane!!

Wow, what a wonderful little guy!! We have had SO much fun with him!  We just got back from a River trip down the Illinois River and he had a BLAST!!! He loved the water, the people, the fishies and just hanging out with all of the family!!!  Needless to say, he's a well-traveled little fella'..He has been on an airplane, a pontoon boat fishing, and now the Illinois River Rafting trip! Everyone simply LOVES him!!!  We have been going back and forth on a name..wanting it to *just-fit* him and I believe we've finally settled on ~ GUNNER ~ it just fits him! He's So ready to just do or try anything ..and smart??  Oh yeah, this guy is very intelligent!!! I am going to send some pic's of him. He has grown SOOOOO much!! 

Again, Thank you SO much for such a Wonderful, Beautiful, and Intelligent pup! His Daddy Garbiel would be PROUD!! :)
Tina and Family,

7-13-08           Hello Joe and Jane,

Teresa is home safe and well. She is beautiful. Also she is very inquisitive and unafraid. She is exactly what i was looking for. She is perfect. Thank you both!!!

                           Robert from PA


gabsfinneganborn2007.jpg (115092 bytes)From: soulcharlie
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 11:11 AM
Subject: Finnegan

Jane and Joe

Here are a couple pics of Finnegan. 

UPDATE From Finnegan's parents July  12  2010 two years later   ...

From: soulcharlie
Sent: monday, July12, 2010
Subject: Finnegan

Dear Joe and Jane,  Finnegan is so smart and so loving.  We adopted him at 9 weeks old and he went "pottie" in the house at the most 4 times.  He is so political, going from Mom

to dad all the time. He is the best, we could not love him more.  Everyone who comes over just raves about him.  Really, if something ever happened to

him I don't know what I'd do. But, I do know that I would come back to you for another. He loves to play and is not happy unless  he is near us.  He is the BEST!

He is truly the blessing that I prayed for prior to adopting him.  God gave us exactly what we wanted; a playful, friendly but protective if need be; energetic;

fun; people and dog friendly; WONDERFUL son! 

Thanks again, you were an answer to my prayers, honestly!!



From: firefighter87
Subject: Cinder 
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, July 7, 2008, 9:49 PM

Hey guys its Travis up in Muscatine. 

Just wanted to give you an update on Cinder. I just checked and she will attentively begin her training next
month of course starting with her puppy classes first. She is growing up fast when  she was at the vet her 3 weeks ago she was I think 16 lbs and
my guess is now picking her up over 20 lbs. She is now pretty well house broke in fact she has a bell on the door that she rings when she has to go
out and she is now just tall enough that she gets on her back legs and tries to get the door open when she wants to come back in. All you have
to do is pull down on the handle and believe it or not she has actually  done it once. She is tracked by 3 companies including microchipped by the
one. Of course with what she will be doing down the road she does have insurance on her and is all registered with the AKC. Her actual name is
Lady Cinder since just Cinder was all used up and of course Cinder from  1978 is one of those. She loves to chase the birds around and just the
other day tried to visit the African Grey by trying to get in her cage. At the request of the person who will be training her I had her on the active
puppy Iams for large breed. They had me slowly switch her over to the Royal Canin and the one for puppies cost 50 dollars for the same size bag
of Iams that will cost you 30. She will be on that until she is about 15 months and than will be switched to the Royal Canin that is specifically
for German Shepherds. I am actually looking forward to that switch because around that time her arson training should be close to being done and
ready to be tested for her certification. The awesome part is the other day I had taken the gas cap off the lawn mower and it was sitting on the
garage floor. She walked right up to it sniffed it and than sat there and stared at me for about a minute almost as if she knew. It was unreal she
is going to be awesome and the arsonist's worst nightmare. I will keep you up to date and send some pictures soon. I LOVE THIS PUPPY.

Travis and Cinder


From: Travis - firefighter87
Subject: Cinder
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 2:17 AM
Just received the call today that Cinder will start her puppy obedience class on August 27. She might be a little smart for her own good though. I was having troubles with the garage door and I finally figured out why it would not close. Cinder took the censors off the wall. But she starts her first training steps in a couple weeks and at her 17 week check up she weighed a hair under 35 pounds. The vet said that she is going to be a big dog. She has averaged a 10 pound weight gain per month. I will keep you posted.

Wed, 7/2/08
From:  Kathi 
To: "masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com

Hi Jane!  I’m so glad you wrote.  It “feels” like you are a little stressed…but keeping your focus on the Lord and knowing he will guide you.  I KNOW how hard it is sometimes…but I think we’ve both been in receipt of the His blessings SO many times…we just know it’s true!  We’re here to lift and encourage each other…so if you ever need anything…don’t hesitate to let us know!

 Maya truly is our little angel…I worry about her like I worry about my kids!  For instance; Rob is home today putting some finishing touches on the house and I am a WRECK that he will not be careful with watching her by the door or making sure he takes her out enough; etc.  I’m exhausted with worry!  LOL  Her right ear has kind of “flopped” and we’re a little concerned about that.  I feel like I was a bad mom; because we noticed the other day that when she’s in her nighttime cage, if she stands or sits, her ears hit the top.  (I immediately went out and bought a bigger cage!)  I have also however read that their ears can flop all over the place and go up and down while they’re teething…so we’re hoping that’s all it is.  Rob is also afraid that maybe one of the kids may have been too rough playing with her and broken the cartilage.  She goes for her 12-week visit next Tuesday so I’ll have the vet take a good look at her.  She is just the queen of our house and we’re having so much fun with her!  THANK YOU SO MUCH! 


Gabriel and Pearls puppy 11-06
Sterling black and silver at 8 weeks top photo , Sterling  again at 5 months bottom photo-
Dear Jane and Joe here he is...such a sweetheart! what a calm personality he has...and gorgeous!
Koda is the best, he keeps us on our toes and can sometimes be very bossy, but most of the time he only wants hugs and kisses. Jackson and Koda have this weird unexplainable connection, they are like brothers one sometimes jealous of the other (with mommy) but they never get tired of playing together.. Koda is very easy going as long as you are paying him some attention, if he thinks he is being ignored he will put his favorite toy in your lap or push you with his nose. He is so cute, we involve him in all the doggie activities around town, and he loves to socialize but always has to have Jackson in sight. I love the protectiveness he gives us and can't explain how having him has totally changed our lives.
Thank you
April, Jimmy, and Jackson.................................