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Oct 29th 2008
Re- Tara Poka

Dear Jane and Joe,

Only a few weeks ago I reached a point in my life when I knew I wanted to buy my heart’s dream…a Leopard Appaloosa.  One evening while I was casually searching the Internet to see what was out there, I stumbled across your website advertising what I most desired.  Lo and behold, after only one click of the mouse button I found the most beautiful animal I had ever seen in my entire life.  More important than the pictures, I found full-length videos that answered all my questions and calmed all my doubts about the nature and personality of the horse, as well as the honesty and integrity of his owners.  I instantly recognized how lovingly he had been raised, how properly and thoroughly he had been trained.  Having grown up with horses all my life, I believe these two factors—love and proper training—to be cornerstones for successfully raising such wonderful animals. I decided to show the video to my mother, the woman from where my enthusiasm for horses stemmed. Her reaction proved just as positive as mine, stating, “This is a fine animal! This couple has done a wonderful job with this horse. Buy him!”  Talking with Jane and Joe the next day over the phone only made concrete my 100% confidence in my decision to buy Terra Polka.  The rest of the process was just as effortless as the search for this perfect horse:  Joe and Jane not only provided a wonderful shipping company, but also were so thoughtful as to call me to make sure everything went smoothly and that I was satisfied. I am so ecstatically happy with the newest addition to my family, and so thankful to the wonderful people who made it possible!

 With Deepest Gratitude,

 Karen Zalesny R.Ph.

Morro Bay, CA 93442


October 23, 2008

rocketfire92008_small1.jpg (30075 bytes)From: Carla M

Subject: Hi !! Rocky Mountain Appaloosa  MC Rocket Fire
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, October 23, 2008, 11:10 PM

Hi Jane and Joe:
Rocket fire arrived today at 2:45 p.m. Massachusetts time.  He was well taken care of on his ride here, clean shavings, stall and plenty of water and hay. the haulers kept raving of his beauty as they talked with me from Missouri to Massachusetts several times.  They move lots of horses and they just loved him.
I was "floored" at Rocket Fires beauty when he jumped out of the trailer.   He is beyond what I expected....and his manners, disposition and friendliness are beyond any other horse I have ever known..  For such a little boy at 5 months old he was very content, quiet and oh so friendly.  I can pet him and rub him anywhere and he just stands...I walk anywhere and he follows and stops when I do.  He is just so trusting and willing for coming to  his new hone his first day.  Weeks ago when I first I read the story on the internet of your move to Missouri  I knew you must be people who truly love to work with your horses (as I mentioned in my earlier letter of inquiring about Rocket fire) and imagined what they would be like.  You truly do work with true horsemanship.   He is everything and more than I expected....I love his color, disposition....the whole package. I have not slept well in a few days being so excited to receive him, and yet I don't think I will sleep well tonight because I am excited about waking up to see him in the morning.  I will definitely pass the word of your farm to others.
I took some pictures of him and I,  and him alone today.....I will send you some via email tomorrow but have to have my daughter put them into the computer...she knows how to send that stuff better than I.
Thank you again so much for making one of my dreams come true....he will have a loving home for the rest of his life...


September 21st 2008
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Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008 8:20 PM
Subject: Re: Captain Jack black

Hi Joe and Jane, He's here!  He's wonderful, and I love him already!  I picked him up in Colfax and trailered him the rest of the way home.  He went right into his new sandy arena and visited with the others over the fence, then got right into eating and drinking.  He had a long journey, but he is in his home and happy.  He is gaiting all around surveying the scene.  He is a beautiful mover.  What a sight to see him going!  And stopping.  And eating.  This joy will never wear off, and we will be bonded trail buddies very soon.  Thanks Again!  You raised a wonderful colt, just what I've always wanted.  I am very very happy, .   Photos coming tomorrow.  Ann

Jack is now living in California with his new family , Ann hopes one day her and Jack will go on the Chief Joseph Ride together, she loves the gaited horses. She is 64 years old and this will be her personal gaited riding  horse when he is old enough.  Jack will be very loved and cared for . 



August 3rd 2008
From: Cjanchapman
Subject: Re: Marvels Glory
To: masterscreekappaloosa@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, August 2, 2008, 6:13 AM

Hi Jane and Joe,

  Regarding, Maxine her foal Jada and Glory.

 We put little Marvel's Glory in the back yard with our mare Hannah, who is healing from a shoulder wound, and started giving them milk pellets in with the sweet feed and oats we had been giving Hannah.  Both are doing really really well.  I named Maxine's foal Jada.  Both Jada and her Mama are doing good also.  Here are some pics from last week: We love them and all 3 are doing wonderful. Thank you so much





August 4th 2008
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From: Nora
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 8:20 AM
Subject: Fancy

Hi Joe and Jane,

I just can’t believe what a great horse Fancy is!  She is taking to training well, and my 15-year-old daughter has her lunging and has been on her back a few times.  She is filling out well.  Here’s a couple pictures of our pampered princess. We sure love her.  She is strong-willed, but she is also very smart and good.  She is everything I hoped she would be!  Thank you for making a dream come true!


Nora and family from Michigan


November 6th 2007

My lolly Girl


Hi Jane and Joe,
 We love Lolly...I turned her out with the weanling Quarter filly Ginger and the minis and they all went out into the biggest pasture and had such a great time!!  She is such a gentle soul and SO sweet.  My farrier came today and said her feet looked great and didn't need anything. 
II really appreciate you bringing the horses and loved meeting you and having you stay here.  I had such a great time visiting with you.  You have a very sweet spirit and it is very obvious that you love the Lord and are dedicated to serving Him. 
Thank you for blessing our home with your presence and I am looking forward to keeping in contact with you. 


May-17 2007   
tonieightball1.jpg (120796 bytes)   the smiles tell it all !     Click photos to enlarge                
     Thank you!

I never realized when I started looking on the internet for horse's for sale, that I not only would find the 2 horse loves of my life, but I would also find 2 wonderful friends for life! God does work in mysterious ways! I started looking in January on Brokehorses.com which is where I spotted the 1st love of my life, 8Ball. I then went to Joe & Jane's website to look at the other pictures of him which I ended up printing out every one of them. I then started reading how they felt about their animals, horses & dogs, and was very touched by the way they truly seemed to care about each and every one of them! That then lead me to their story about how they found their farm in MO and by the end of that, and 10 kleenex's later, I really think I fell in love with them before I fell in love with their horses!! I knew without a doubt that there was something greater here than just a couple breeding horses! I kept those print-outs of 8Ball on my kitchen counter until March 4, and whenever anyone would come over and ask about them, I said "that's my fantasy horse". Keep in mind that I lived in the city just north of Charlotte, NC and had absolutely no place to keep a horse, however I just knew that 8Ball and I were meant to be together. The day came when I finally emailed Joe & Jane and expressed my intensions about him when to my shock and utter devastation I was informed that he had been sold and was already on his way to his new home in Florida! I couldn't believe it! I had been SO sure about him, that we were destined to be together (then why did I wait over a month to email them?!) They told me that they had another leopard app that was a wonderful gelding, sweet and loving, and so I started to make arrangements to fly up there and look at him. He was no 8Ball, but he was beautiful, and from what they said, he was just what I needed. Several weeks went by during which I found a new house in the country where I could have a horse and live closer to my family. During that time I went to throw away the print-outs of 8Ball but found it impossible so I threw all but one and left it still on my kitchen counter. I still couldn't believe that a feeling that strong could be so wrong! It was getting close to the time when I was flying up to see Sandman, the 2nd horse love of my life, when I saw that 8Ball was on their website for sale again! Could it be possible, or was this just a computer mistake?! I immediately emailed Joe & Jane and asked about him and couldn't believe it when Jane told me that it hadn't worked out for him in Florida and yes, he was back for sale in MO!! I told her that I was interested in him also, even though I had already put a small deposit on Sandman, and to PLEASE not sell him before I got there to see them both! I'm sure at this point they thought I was a nut-case, because I hadn't even closed on my new house yet, but they were so kind and said they would hold him until I came. My trip to visit them was great and the horses were everything I hoped for and more. Joe & Jane took 2 days out of their incredibly busy schedule, and we went trail riding, talked for hours on end, went out to dinner together and really became fast friends! They then helped me find a transport company because the one I had intended using went out of business just days before I called them. And yes, I ended up bringing both Boy's ! If you are looking for wonderful horses raised by incredible, caring people, then you have come to the right place! Joe and Jane are truly special and I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting them! My Boy's have been here at their new home in NC for almost 3 weeks now and there are no words to describe how happy and completely satisfied I am with them! They are the sweetest, most personable horses I have ever been around and I am so looking forward to spending a lifetime of treasured moments with them! Who new back in January that all of this would have unfolded so perfectly, as Jane said "God's timing is always perfect!" When I look out into the pasture and see those 2 beautiful creatures grazing, I can't believe how blessed I am, and I hope that all of you will find the same blessings by letting Joe & Jane and their incredible animals touch your lives!   Sincerely,  Toni in NC


Feb- 21 2007

Spirit (Baybe)

Chloe (Cubby Bear)


My wife once had an Appaloosa, to which she owned for 15 years before finally, the horse had to be put down due to cancer. Actually, I was there when the Horse had to be put down February 14, 2000. This was a heart wrenching experience; all her immediate family came in from different states to give there support. My wife and I had only been married for 3 years at this point, but I had already learned what great pleasure and love she had for horses in general. I could tell what great comfort and solitude she drew from this special Horse she named Rocky that her Father had bought for her back in 1985. My wife lost much interest in wanting to have another horse after that, but I knew eventually her wounds would heal and she would be ready to have another horse.

At the end of November 2006 my wife said she was ready to get another horse. On December 1st, my wife's 35th Birthday, we went to North Carolina to see a few horses we had located via the internet. We went to see them and ended up being very disappointed in our trip. The horses were complete duds and one guy had even listed an Appaloosa that he didn't even remember having. I, myself, had spent several days searching the internet looking for Appaloosas and I had actually stumbled on to this website known as www.MastersCreekappaloosa.com and it looked really great but at the time I didn't want to be interested because it was all the way in Missouri, which would be a long long drive with us living in Tennessee. We had ruled out even looking into this place, even though it was perfect that they actually had an Appaloosa farm. So after much disappointment of making several phone calls and having no amount of luck, I told my wife we should notify the owner's at Masters Creek and see what they have to say.

My wife called the number on the Masters Creek website the evening of her birthday and reached Joe & Jane Micelli. My wife spoke with Jane for over an hour. Jane had plenty of great things to say about their farm. Her confident and knowledgeable speech were very pleasing to our ears. It was nice to finally speak with some people who knew what they were talking about where horses are concerned. That night we left Tennessee at Midnight and drove 11 hours(800 miles) straight to Masters Creek and my wife fell in love with 2 Horses: a Filly and a gelding, both beautiful Appaloosas. Joe and Jane were very helpful, friendly down to earth people who had a great feel about them. These people are great. We purchased these horses from them and have had them almost 2 months and we don't regret buying them for a second. They are absolutely everything Joe & Jane said they were. If you are looking for good quality Appaloosa horses and good Honest Quality people, then Masters Creek Appaloosa farm is the place to go. They also raise and sell beautiful German Shepherd Dogs; Heck we even bought one of them too. She is an awesome Shepherd too and doing absolutely great. My wife, 2 children & I are implicitly happy with Spirit (our 7 year old gelding), Chloe (our 10 month old filly), and Mya (our 3 month old German Shepherd) of which we purchased all from Masters Creek. We would definitely do business with these great people again. They are wonderful. We were very lucky to find these people and it was definitely worth the 2 trips (1 to see them and 1 to pick them up) we made to Missouri to get them.

Roy, Lisa, Damian & Cameron Seals

July 31st 2006

From: Gail and Darrin 

Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 4:40 PM Joe and Ozzie,  Ozzie left here with a nail puncture and his entire foot wrapped in bandages when they picked him up, they never had a chance to ride him before he left, they took our word that he was ok,  we had told them we would keep him until he healed but they wanted him home. He is again healthy and we are so pleased to see they love him and he is happy in his new home. 

Ulrich's Black Fancy, pet name ( Ozzie )
Hi Joe and Jane
Hey I wanted to touch base with you guys and let you know that Ozzie is
doing great.    We just got back from a week trip in Missouri.   Ozzie wasnt
to for sure about the river but with a little time he was fine.   He is still
the show stopper so many people have complemented us on him.   Darrin is in
LOVE with Ozzie actually everybody gives him a hard time about it.   A few
weeks ago the fierier was out to trim and told me after Darrin walked away, 
he said he loves his horse doesn't he and of course I said how can you tell??. 
  Ozzie has found himself a home for life when I get a chance I will take a
few pictures and email them to you.

Hope your having a safe and fun summer.

Take care,

Darrin & Gail S
Seymour,  Indiana



Dear Jane and Joe, 

I LOVE SPOT !! HE WILL NEVER EVER EVER LEAVE HERE, Thanks so much you made this woman's dream come true,  and he gives kisses!! Thank you for your help and bringing him to us here in Florida. He is exactly what you said. He is a lovely spirit with a gentle and wonderful nature, I just love him thank you.

From GAIL  11-05

Gail calls us at least 5 times each year to let us know how spot is doing, ,he is a sweet horse and she has became a wonderful friend. He just  had a birthday and turned 5 years old. 

Update on Spot, unfortunately  life has changed for Gail and had not been able to  keep spot or her other horses, he has since a new owner in our area who we undoubtedly know will spoil him rotten and Gail would be very happy to know he will be loved by 3 of his new parents for the rest of his life time as he is a very special boy.

April 14th 2006 - Chr Borgmann  - Kansas - Quinta Joe Bear - 2003 Gelding

Thanks Jane and Joe. Just had to tell you, my neighbors all came out and sat on their back porches to watch him. I had him in the round pen and let my other three out so they can start to get to know one another. JoBear like to rear when our Paint gelding gets around him.! Makes a real pretty picture. I'll send some soon. Him and I are already forming a good bond. He follows me everywhere. I love him SO much already!He has such a nice personality...  I will highly recommend any one looking for a quality Appaloosa to you and Joe. 

Feb 2006 - MC Apple Lucy, Appaloosa Filly , K Dibble,  Okalahoma-  


Dear Jane and Joe, 

Just wanted to send a note and let you know the trip home went great. She did awesome! This filly is extra nice we are very glad we had the chance to meet you both and visit your beautiful farm, your horses are gorgeous and of great quality. MC Apple Lucy is everything you said she and more. Her personality is great, she is easy to work with. Thank you so much for selling such a great filly. We will keep in touch.


Sincerely K Dibble.


From Cassie, 10/26/2005   /new owners of MC Harlequin Girl 

harleygirl.jpg (93212 bytes)

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how happy I am with my purchase of your 5 mo. old Appaloosa Filly Harlequin Girl.  She made the trip from IL. to VA without any lasting effect on her.  She seems to have fit right in with my 7 year old Appaloosa Gelding and 10 year old Shetland pony.  She really is beautiful, her coloring could not be better, she has a really nice head,  long legs, and good confirmation, I could not have asked for any thing more.  You both were wonderful to do business with, Thanks for all the help in getting her to me, Joe your idea of putting the two babies together for the Transportation worked great, they keep each other company.  I sincerely believe being an owner of Appaloosa's for years now that you breed superior stock, I was told by the Transporter that all your horse looked really good, and healthy, and that you have a nice farm. If any one is interested in purchasing an Appaloosa, do not hesitate to buy from Joe and Jane at masterscreekappaloosa.com

thanks Again for all the Support  

Take Care,



Lovettsville, Virginia


June24th 2005-

From : Michael and his family  New Owners of INDIAN BOLIO 

Jane and Joe I just wanted to update you and let you know Indian Bolio is exactly what I wanted and only could of hoped for. He is mild, he is a great foal, easy to handle even with our children,  he is everything you said and more. We are so so so very happy with him. He likes his new home in Mexico and we will definitely keep in touch. 


Update - Mike called on March  2006 and said they love him dearly, they were offered a high dollar for him and said he will never leave our home!    He is gaited and a black and white!

Update Mike called in June of 2008 and sent a photo of Indian Bolio, wow what a gorgeous boy. 



From Tom: Owners of Colt - Derringer - 2005 foal

Jane and Joe, 

Just had to let you know that we bought this colt for my dad, he is in his 70's and he loves this little guy. It is the best thing that happened to him, he spends every moment with him and they get along great. He is friendly as could ever be. He loaded in the trailer like a pro. Thank you for bringing that much joy to an old appaloosa fan.  


From Owners of  filly - Miss Kitty - 2004 foal


Just had to tell you that this filly is the most outstanding filly we have ever owned. She was gentle  I have never been able to pick up feet on any foal and her we could do with no problem. She is very very sweet. Thank you so much for letting us have this sweet girl she is very loved.






From Megan: Owners of Colt - Ash's Red Ribbon -2004 foal


Dear Jane and Joe  I love this colt!! He is the perfect gentleman, we have him in the big area to train and he is exactly what you guys said, he is easy to work with. He does everything asked, he is mild and my best friend. Every one here at the training facility has fallen in love with him. THANK YOU SO MUCH I CAN'T  SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH.

Yours Truly,



If you would like us to post about your horse please send us your feed back so we can post it on our site for others to see as we are excited to see photos and hear of these wonderful horses and how they touch your life as they have ours. 

We are blessed to have known them and cared for them, we are even more blessed to have found homes where lives touch lives and the love between the animal and the owners are united forever.  We are caretakers of Gods animals, and we love them as he entrusted us with each and every one.