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Chances are in your life time you have heard the Slogan "CORN FED BEEF"  but  how often do you remember seeing or hearing the slogan CORN FED DOG? .. Not to often I am sure, however , did you realize that in most of the brands of dog food Corn is either the main or second ingredient. We have put together a few things for you to research for your self about the different brands of dog food and how to read the label to see if you are getting the best dog food for your family member. If you are anything like us our pets are family, we take care what we feed our children, ourselves and our pets...  You are what you eat! 

 Do you know what is in your dog food? The first 5 ingredients on the label are the main product with the first being the most , this is true in most all dog foods.

We have put a few tools together to let you choose what is best for your pet based on the labels of the dog foods you choose. They have one thing in common.  A healthier pet.  



Choose a Healthy Dog Food

How to Read the Label ,

The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?