Our mission at Masters Creek Appaloosa is to breed a quality animal to be a friend or companion for a life time of enjoyment and love , please spend a few moments with us and view our history with our horses and dogs and we think you will agree..

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Cubby bear 06

Gabriel's daughter 08

American Graffiti07
see him now

Gabriel & son 2008 

walkin sue bear 06
see her now

Gabriel's Son Guinness 08 strawberry rose 05  

Gabriel's Daughter
Daisy 2004

 Regardless if you are interested in a  White German Shepherd or Foundation Appaloosa with a natural smooth gait,  our horses and dogs excel in disposition, temperament, intelligence and performance,  and are suitable  for all activities. If you want a 4h project for your child, or a trail pal for yourself, a performance horse for barrels, racing or sport horse for jumping we have a diversified breeding program to fit every need... Our horses are sound, hand raised, handled daily, very family friendly animals whom we love as our own. 

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Our goal at masters creek is to breed a beautiful sweet loving dog the whole family will enjoy for many years. Our German Shepherd  program has been a blessing from the first litter of puppies through today. Gabriel is the sire of all of our dogs and he was truly a gift from God, he has been the best friend and sire of hundreds of dogs through out the usa. People today are writing us about a dog they had purchased 5 years ago and want a second or third dog because they see what remarkable pets these dogs have grown to be. Gabriel has shown many families and children around our farm. He has been the light that shines from our home to yours. We pray that all the puppies will go to wonderful homes and it has been so. 


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Our history and love for the horses we raise - We  have always had a special love for horses and Dogs.  As children we were both raised in the city where having a horse was an impossibility. Our love for these animals continued to grow as we grew.  At a young age near Chicago, Joe took a job at a boarding stable cleaning stalls, feeding horses any odd job he could find, just to be near the horses. He had a natural love for these wonderful animals.  While at the same young age near  Los Angeles  California was a riding stable, I myself was scurrying to find odd jobs, baby sitting, paper routes, cleaning houses  just to save enough money for my weekly horse back riding lessons. No matter how hopeless it seemed at the beginning of the week I always had enough at the end of the week to pay for that weeks lesson. I could hardly wash my hands after my lesson , I wanted that smell of those beautiful horses to carry over until my next riding lesson. As things happen in life,  we grew up to be adults so came having responsibilities. Having horses was now put further and further back in the list of priorities. Yet it was always on our minds when we thought of something pleasant or when we would see riders along the roadsides proud on their mounts.  Joe started raising horses when he moved away from the city as an adult in his mid to upper 30s. Although I never had the opportunity to raise horses about the same age as Joe I had moved from the city and purchased a few smaller horses for my children to grow up with. . 

Our goal at masters creek is to breed a beautiful calm gaited colored Appaloosa or Walkaloosa for all ages to ride. Why gaited? Gaited horses are naturally easier to ride. The movement of a gaited horse lets the rider enjoy a smooth balanced ride with each and every step. No bounce, no back aches, no arched necks or sore muscles.  See the below article on the smooth gaits.  The color of the appaloosa has always been a favorite for us. Each Appaloosa marking so unique in pattern and color you are guaranteed to never get the same markings twice. Each birth is a true work of art. Not one being exact as the other. It has been stated in history that the appaloosa had the Indian shuffle gait yet with the different out crossings over time it became almost extinct to the breed. Yet from time to time you see a foal exhibiting this natural shuffle along side her out crossed mother and know the natural gait of this breed that was, still is. We at Masters Creek Appaloosas are trying to preserve and breed for that wonderful gait almost lost to its breed 


Some of our Favorite Photos - Click photos to enlarge      

Our beautiful children the most special gift of all~

A few of Our Family Photos of our grand children, Some of our fondest horse memories

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They grow so fast!! 
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 Rocky 2007

 Graffiti 2007

Bath time



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 the colts

Eight Ball





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