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The Puppies Great Escape - Part 1, 2 and 3


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Part 1 - The Great Escape
newwhitepuppiesborn41508_0.jpg (61157 bytes) newwhitepuppiesborn41508.jpg (62599 bytes) newwhitepuppiesborn41508_4.jpg (56195 bytes) newwhitepuppiesborn41508_7.jpg (67092 bytes)
Ok mom just left, anyone see a way out? We need to explore!!  Windy says "I think there is a way over here" No wait ! Storm says "I think its over there , I see something moving!! "ha ha, Its your shadow you see moving"

PART 2  continued - The Great Escape

newwhitepuppiesborn41508_1.jpg (40400 bytes) newwhitepuppiesborn41508_6.jpg (41380 bytes) getdownandhideinthehay.jpg (269226 bytes) werenotmovinganymore.jpg (150833 bytes)
No its not !!  I'm telling mom! LOOK, I  found it, its this way come on!!  Everyone Jump, weeeee!  Hide before we get caught in here. I hear someone coming. Oh Oh, I think its moving. Duck IN the HAY I think we stopped!! Everyone oK?
Where are we? Were in BIG trouble now.
someonemovedwerefalling.jpg (219728 bytes)


weeethatwasfun.JPG (178616 bytes) whatisthisstuffontheground.jpg (157091 bytes) smellsogood.jpg (92314 bytes)
Who moved! were falling , hold on everyone I will catch you!

I want to do that again!! 


Is this green water? No silly this is called grass, remember mom said the grass is NOT greener on the other side where the horses are? did you miss that?. Uh, I was sleeping that day.

Oh this is better smelling then my sisters. I could smell this all day!
thatdontwork.jpg (105232 bytes) ithinkwerelost.jpg (184389 bytes) theresnoplacelikehome.jpg (146936 bytes) lifeismeasuredbyaclover.jpg (148402 bytes)
mmmmmm !!Life is so good! I think were lost!  there's no place like home, there's no place like home.  That is so dumb!
imtirediwanttogohome.jpg (284839 bytes) heresabug.jpg (90891 bytes) ohthatsgross.jpg (81065 bytes) ihearrmom.jpg (166237 bytes)
I am hungry,  I want to go home! here's a bug for you  oh that's gross! I Hear MOM! bark Loud everyone!!
PART 3  continued - The Great Escape with the  new white litter
thatsnotmomssmell.jpg (7833 bytes) igotit.jpg (17361 bytes) Iwillsaveyou.jpg (23837 bytes) morehelpontheway.jpg (24980 bytes)
That is not moms Smell! I know her scent, This one smells funny I got it, I Got it ! hurry come help you guys!! I will save you, Oh this is harder than i thought. Hey were moving! HELP Help is on the way, TA DA i am super Dog, I can help, move over let me pull that thing.!!
gabrielsboy7142008.jpg (97665 bytes)
The three stooges are very much alive and well.

stay tuned for part 4 of the great escape